German Spruce Acoustic Guitar Top #26 - AAA Grade

- Individually photographed - the top in the photo is the top you will receive
- One small dent within soundhole (shown in photos)
- Top for an acoustic or classical guitar
- Includes two bookmatched halves
- Straight grained and quartersawn
- Dried and ready for use
- 560mm x 208mm (22-1/4" x 8-1/4")
- Thickness sanded to 4mm (5/32")

German Spruce (also known as European Spruce) is one of the most prized tonewoods for the tops of acoustic and classical guitars. It gives a guitar a sweet, balanced, open and loud sound.

The grading is based purely on aesthetic considerations and lower grade tops can make just as good a sounding guitar as the high grades. The higher grades have more even, close grain and an even colour with less streaks.
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Product Description
German Spruce has been favoured as a top material on stringed instruments for many centuries. It has become the staple top material for violin-family instruments and is also commonly used for soundboards on classical, acoustic and archtop guitars.

Quality - We have several grades of German Spruce tops available. Regardless of the grade all the tops we sell are dry and stable, quartersawn and straight-grained, capable of producing a fine instrument.

Look - This timber is white with slight pink to yellow hues. The grain lines are red/brown with the stiffer pieces having more pronounced grain lines (redlines). Higher grade tops have a fine, even and straight grain and are free from the small visual imperfections that may be present in lower grade tops.

Sound - The sound of these tops is second to none - fundamental and clear but also with a beautiful and brilliant tone. This top material makes a good combination with almost any back and sides material available.

Price - High grade tops are relatively expensive compared to other timbers. Low and mid grade tops are worth considering when sound and price are the most important priorities.

Availability/Renewability - German Spruce isn't strictly only from Germany and is harvested from the mountains of European countries near Germany. High quality guitar size pieces are becoming more rare every year as the large trees are logged.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Species German Spruce
Part of Instrument Top/Soundboard
For Instrument Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar
Country of Manufacture Germany
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