Queensland Maple Ukulele Tops, Backs & Sides

We have found that this local timber works very well in ukuleles. Queensland Maple has been used for many years in the Australian guitar industry. Australian guitar manufacturer Maton have used this timber for the backs, sides and necks of most of their steel string guitars for several decades.

The timber is lightweight, resonant and easy to work with, making it ideal for backs and sides and necks. Many of the Queensland Maple pieces we stock exhibit beautiful figuring, which gives a finished instrument a stunning look

Backs/tops and sides are available for separate purchase. It is common to use the same timber for the top as for the back and sides of a ukulele, in this case order two Tops/Backs and one set of Sides. If you are use using a different timber for the top, order one Top/Back and one set of Sides.

Top or Back = 2 x bookmatched halves or 1 x piece to make minimum 310mm x 240mm x 2.5mm

Sides = 2 x pieces minimum 480mm x 70mm x 2.5mm

- Back, tops & sides to build a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele
- Top or Back pieces can be used for either top or back
- Dried and ready to use
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Queensland Maple Ukulele Top or Back
Queensland Maple Ukulele Sides - Set of 2
Flamed Queensland Maple Ukulele Top or Back
Flamed Queensland Maple Ukulele Sides - Set of 2
Product Description
Quality - We have the highest quality sets of Queensland Maple available, these sets are quartersawn with straight grain and a good tap tone.

Look - Back and side sets have a diagonal flamy figure which changes depending on the direction you look at it. Colour is generally a pinky orange but can have grey hues.

Sound - It is a light weight crisp timber like Honduras Mahogany, but the sound is more suitable for classical guitars than Mahogany. Both Spruce and Cedar soundboards give a good result with a Queensland Maple back and sides.

Price - The price is very reasonable when compared to other tonewoods of its quality and beauty, because Queensland Maple is a local timber we can supply premium sets at a reasonable price.

Availability/Renewability - Good quality Queensland Maple is beginning to become scarce as less of the timber is being cut each year. Our sets come from naturally grown trees. There are plantations of Queensland maple but the timber is quite plain and not as stable as old growth timber.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Species Queensland Maple
Part of Instrument Back, Back + Sides, Sides/Ribs, Top/Soundboard
For Instrument Ukulele
Country of Manufacture Australia