Neck Block Blank - Queensland Maple

A neck block is glued into the sides at the neck end and also glued to the top and back when they are attached. It forms a strong anchor point for a bolt-on or dovetail neck joint.

These neck blocks are made from quality straight-grained Queensland Maple and are easy to work. They are around the right size or slightly oversized to be cut down for a guitar neck block, they can also be cut down smaller for other instruments. The grain is in the correct direction, traveling in the same direction as the sides.

- Minimum size 100mm x 65mm x 35mm (4" x 2 9/16" x 1 3/8")
- Quality medium-density QLD Maple
- Rectangular blank
- Well machined
- Grain running is same direction as sides of guitar
SKU: TI-750-001

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Product Description
Queensland Maple is an excellent timber for making neck blocks and end blocks. It has a consistency similar to Mahogany and is easy to work with planes and other hand tools as well as to rout for a dovetail or mortice joint.

It is a good practice to get the neck block and end block to the right width and depth before gluing them into the sides. The height (across the grain) can be adjusted when the sides are shaped to fit the back and top.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Species Queensland Maple
Part of Instrument Block
For Instrument Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Archtop Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bouzouki
Country of Manufacture Australia