Fret File + Inserts

Fret files are used for putting the rounded shape back into frets after they are levelled. Fret files can also be used to grind down an individual fret if it's too high.

This high-quality, economical fret file set has been designed to be used for all fretwire sizes from the small wire used in mandolins right through to the jumbo wire used in electric guitars and basses.

The bent handle allows the tool to be used safely over the top of the guitar, an area which is difficult to work on with straight fret files.

The set includes a handle and three file inserts for different width frets. A bolt holds the file insert in place while the tool is being used. Replacement file inserts can be purchased individually as they wear out.

- Made in USA
- Suitable for crowning all sizes of frets
- Suitable for Nickel & EVO fretwire
- Narow insert suitable for frets up to 1.6mm (0.063") wide
- Medium insert suitable for frets up to 2.5mm (0.10") wide
- Wide insert suitable for frets up to 3.2mm (0.13") wide
- File inserts are hardened steel
- 170mm (6-1/2") overall length
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Fret File - 3 in 1 Set with Handle
Fret File Insert - Narrow
Fret File Insert - Medium
Fret File Insert - Wide
Product Description
When frets are installed into a fingerboard they are never completely straight even if great care was taken in installing them. Therefore the frets must be levelled or 'dressed' so that they are straight and the guitar will play with minimal fret buzz.

Once the frets have been levelled using a fret levelling file they need to be crowned so that they have a nice round profile on top so the strings will play clean and in tune. A fret file has a concave edge which is exactly the right profile to shape the tops of the frets back into this curved shape.

The fret is rubbed with the fret file until it is rounded off. It is a good practice to leave a very narrow flat-spot on the top of the frets to ensure you don't go too far with crowning them.

After crowning with the fret file, various grades of sandpaper and steel wool are used to polish the fret. Usually 180-grit sandpaper, followed by 240-grit, then 0000-grade steel wool is sufficient to get the scratches out and bring the frets to a nice polish. The fingerboard should be taped or a fingerboard guard used to avoid scratching the fingerboard.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer No
Material Steel, Wood
Tool Type File
Template Type No
Country of Manufacture U.S.
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