Ukulele Kit - Australian Timbers

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- Build a Soprano, Concert or Tenor ukulele - Components are large enough for all sizes - High-grade Australian tonewoods used throughout - Contains all components (listed below - glue, finish, tuners & strings extra) - Instructional book included - Set of Soprano, Concert & Tenor plans included - Timbers accurately sanded to thickness - Great value compared to buying components separately This kit contains all the timbers and materials you need to build a high-quality ukulele! It's a great choice for a first instrument or for an experienced maker looking for a quality set of materials at a discount price. Fine-quality Australian timbers are provided including Tasmanian Blackwood for the body and Queensland Maple for the neck. You can choose from three sizes of ukulele, soprano, concert or tenor and plans are included for all three. A comprehensive reference book The Ukulele an Illustrated Workshop Manual by Graham McDonald is included to guide you through the process.
The following components are included -
- Book - The Ukulele an Illustrated Workshop Manual by Graham McDonald
- Set of 3 ukulele plans, soprano, concert & tenor
- Bookmatched Tasmanian Blackwood top
- Bookmatched Tasmanian Blackwood back
- Bookmatched Tasmanian Blackwood sides
- One-piece Queensland Maple neck blank
- Queensland Hairy Oak fingerboard blank
- Queensland Hairy Oak bridge blank
- Queensland Maple endblock & neckblock blanks
- Sitka Spruce brace blanks
- Kerfed lining strips
- Bone nut & saddle blank
- Neck attachment bolt set
- Nickel-Silver fretwire

Extras Required
You will need to order the following in addition to the kit-
- Glue - Titebond
- Finish - Lacquer or French Polish is recommended
- Strings - Correct gauge for the size of use you build
- Set of tuners (see below)

Recommended Tuners
Soprano Size - Grover Sta-tite or Gotoh UKA, UKB, UK700, UPTL models
Concert Size - Grover Sta-tite or Gotoh UKB, UK700, UPTL models
Soprano Size - Grover Sta-tite or Gotoh UK700, UPTL models
(The models not recommended for larger ukuleles will not hold the tension of the strings)